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"Our role is to uncover, develop, and structure these factors to establish the framework in which we design. Our role is to bring about our client's dreams and solve in built form the needs that are presented to us."

About Us


Established in Chattanooga Tennessee in 1975, Caughman+Caughman Architects are committed to quality design, technological innovation, and client service.


Born from a shared desire to create architecture that is thoughtful in both context and construction, Wayne and Jay Caughman have successfully expanded into multiple project types and continued to design custom residences for individuals and families.


"As Architects, we integrate our client's vision, lifestyle, budget, and site to design an inspired structure that reflects their personality while blending seamlessly with their surroundings".


Good design does not require the triumph of form over function but the balance between the two.   - Caughman Architects





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Contact Us

1713 cowart street 

chattanooga, tn 37408


O: 423.756.2929  
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